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Word Swipe Puzzle (Word Swipe) Answers and Cheats (In one page)

We share here all answers (In one page) for new and very exciting game from Tianze Zhao – Word Swipe Puzzle.

If you play Bible pack from Word Swipe game we also collected answers. All answers for Bible Pack here Word Swipe (Bible Pack) Answers and Cheats.

We are updating this page now. New answers coming soon…


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  1. I’m on level 414; for about a week, cannot get all words, nothing I try works, I got this far befor and ending up starting over, I know this is the same puzzle, I don’t want to start over again, love this game.i really hope you check this puzzle so I can continue.

  2. Hello,
    I have quite a huge number of free keys but connot find how to use them…
    Could somebody tell me, please?


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