Why does my period not go on my pad?

There are several reasons why menstrual blood may not be going on your pad as expected. Some possible reasons include:

  1. Pad not properly positioned: Make sure that the pad is properly positioned in your underwear.
  2. Pad not changed frequently enough: If you don’t change your pad often enough, menstrual blood can seep through and cause staining. It’s recommended to change pads every 4 to 8 hours, or more frequently if you have a heavy flow.
  3. Using the wrong absorbency level: If you have a heavy flow, it’s important to use pads that have a higher absorbency level.
  4. Hormonal imbalances: Hormonal imbalances can cause changes in the menstrual cycle and can lead to heavier or lighter periods.
  5. Certain medications: Certain medications, such as birth control pills, can affect the menstrual cycle and cause changes in the flow.
  6. Overflow from a menstrual cup: If you are using a menstrual cup, it’s possible that the cup is not inserted correctly or it’s too full and causing overflow.
  7. Vaginal or Cervical issues: Some vaginal or cervical issues may cause heavy bleeding during periods such as endometriosis, polyps, fibroids, or cervical cancer.

It’s important to consult with a healthcare provider if you have any concerns about your menstrual cycle. They can help determine the cause of the issue and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

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