Which job has highest salary in Hotel Management?

The job with the highest salary in hotel management typically varies depending on the location and size of the hotel, as well as the specific role. However, some of the highest paying jobs in hotel management include:

General Manager: The general manager is responsible for overall operations and performance of the hotel and can earn a high salary.

Director of Sales & Marketing: This role is responsible for implementing sales and marketing strategies to increase revenue and occupancy, and can also earn a high salary.

Executive Chef: The executive chef is responsible for the kitchen and food operations at the hotel and can earn a high salary due to their level of experience and expertise.

Director of Rooms: The Director of Rooms is responsible for managing the front-of-house departments, including housekeeping, front desk, and guest services, and can earn a high salary.

It’s worth noting that some of these jobs are more common in larger hotels and resorts and can also have different salary ranges depending on the location and company, but those are some of the typical high paying roles.

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