Which alcoholic drink is good for diabetes?

Alcohol can be a tricky subject for people with diabetes, as it can affect blood sugar levels. However, some alcoholic drinks may be better options for individuals with diabetes than others. These include:

  • Wine, particularly red wine, in moderation as it may have some potential health benefits and it is lower in carbohydrates than other alcoholic drinks.

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  • Light beer is also lower in carbohydrates and calories than regular beer.
  • Hard liquor such as gin, vodka, rum, and whiskey are generally lower in carbohydrates than beer or wine, and can be mixed with a sugar-free mixer such as soda water, tonic water or with a low calorie mixer.

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It’s important to note that drinking alcohol should be done in moderation, and individuals with diabetes should talk to their doctor or nutritionist about what is safe and appropriate for them. Additionally, consuming alcohol with food can help to slow down the absorption of alcohol and mitigate the effect on blood sugar levels.

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