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USA Today April 23 2019 Crossword Answers

USA Today is one of most popular newspaper in the US. Millions people following and reading every day. USA Today publish crosswords day by day. If you are enjoying with USA Today daily crosswords and stuck in some questions for April 23 2019, this post will help you. Enjoy!

1- Alan of “Tower Heist”: ALDO
5- Accepts customers: OPENS
10- “You and me ___!”: BOTH
14- Penny or peso: COIN
15- Turn on a point: PIVOT
16- “Vice” director McKay: ADAM
17- Pull with difficulty: DRAG
18- “Them,” to “us”: ENEMY
19- Sources of peat: BOGS
20- Hawkers of underground real estate?: CELLARSSELLERS
23- LAX approximation: ETA
24- Cerumen producer: EAR
25- Dazed and confused: ATSEA
28- Indent key: TAB
31- Teach one-on-one: TUTOR
35- On, like a lamp: LIT
36- ___ Pieces (candy brand): REESES
39- “Can’t deny that”: TRUE
40- Predictors of financial gains?: PROFITSPROPHETS
43- One next in line: HEIR
44- John of Monty Python: CLEESE
45- DIYer’s buy: KIT
46- Tie named for a race venue: ASCOT
48- Tiny hill builder: ANT
49- Violin holders: CASES
51- Expert, informally: WIZ
53- Grapplers’ surface: MAT
54- Expurgators of electronically collected data?: SENSORSCENSORS
62- Fuzzy brown fruit: KIWI
63- Transplant, in a way: REPOT
64- Scoffer’s words: IBET
65- Caspian Sea land: IRAN
66- Christopher of “Superman”: REEVE
67- Desert of Mongolia: GOBI
68- Kitchen timer sound: DING
69- Like a big brother: OLDER
70- Far from afar: NEAR
1- “Back in Black” rock band: ACDC
2- Passed-down tales: LORE
3- Old TV tuner: DIAL
4- “Life of Pi” director: ANGLEE
5- Any of 22 Mozart works: OPERA
6- 7-10 split pair: PINS
7- Times to call, in ads: EVES
8- Iditarod terminus: NOME
9- Couturier’s concern: STYLE
10- Legend surpassed by Hank Aaron: BABERUTH
11- Reason to hold one’s nose: ODOR
12- Luggage IDs: TAGS
13- “___ Pinafore”: HMS
21- “Asteroids” game maker: ATARI
22- Long. crosser: LAT
25- Omega’s opposite: ALPHA
26- Tricycle trio: TIRES
27- Betraying no emotion:  STOIC
28- Car at a charging station: TESLA
29- Quaker in a forest: ASPEN
30- Left Bank topper: BERET
32- Rough journeys: TREKS
33- Navel unlikely to collect lint: OUTIE
34- Parks it, so to speak: RESTS
37- Series-ending abbr.: ETC
38- “Help!”: SOS
41- In a dour mood: FROWNING
42- Pie or ice cream nut: PECAN
47- “America” contraction: TIS
50- Symbol in a Twitter handle: ATSIGN
52- Swordsman who leaves his mark: ZORRO
53- Device that’s “fed”: METER
54- Voice of the iPhone: SIRI
55- McGregor of “Christopher Robin”: EWAN
56- Projector spool of old: REEL
57- Didn’t dillydally: SPED
58- Place for a marina: COVE
59- Orchestral pitch setter: OBOE
60- McEntire with a sitcom: REBA
61- Use a spoon, perhaps: STIR
62- Billy-to-be, perhaps: KID

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