The Most Popular Tools for Data Mining

Data Mining is a practice in which new information is extracted or generated from a pre-existing database in an organization. This practice is carried by a professional data mining analyst by using various tools and methods. The technique of Data Mining can also be called the Discovery of Knowledge in a huge pile of Databases.

Why is Data Mining used?

Almost all kinds of industries use this technique. No matter it is a manufacturing industry/ indirect marketing industry/ health sector/ FMCG industry/ E-commerce industry/ finance industry, they all used the suitable tools of Data Mining. There are lots of purposes for which this technique is used. Some organizations use Data Mining for Product analysis, some of the analysis of Demand and Supply and some for understanding Consumer research marketing. The purposes may be different but the motive is one that is to extract the relevant information. The technique of Data Mining helps in making business decisions and forming business policies for better growth in future.

Tools of Data Mining

As nowadays Data Mining has become an essential technique in all business organizations, some tools designed for carrying out this practice have also become very popular. Rapid miner, KNIME, Weak, R, Orange, XL miner are some well-known tools which make the task of Data Mining very easy and smooth. Most of them are free to open source data mining software. These tools are largely coded in the basic programming language like Java or C++. They help in Data cleansing, filtering, crusting, fetching useful information and deriving results. These tools enhance the efficiency of the work done by the data mining analyst and also reduce the overall time taken. You can analyze both real and synthetic data. You can choose easily the most suitable tool for your organization by pick and try method or a professional data mining analyst may help you with that.

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