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PuzzleScape Wordblock Novice A (Levels 1-10) Answers and Cheats

Novice A is a second pack from PuzzleScape Wordblock game. Here you can find all answers for Novice A 1-10 levels. Scroll down to see them. Enjoy!

  • Novice A 1 – EXAM, YARN
  • Novice A 2 – SPIN, FAWN
  • Novice A 3 – TRAP, EXPO
  • Novice A 4 – SAGE, GLOW
  • Novice A 5 – KITE, FIEF
  • Novice A 6 – TANK, CORK
  • Novice A 7 – BLUE, CLAP
  • Novice A 8 – BONK, SPAN
  • Novice A 9 – TEAM, ARCH
  • Novice A 10 – PREP, BIKE

All answers for PuzzleScape Wordblock Novice A game you can find here PuzzleScape Wordblock Novice A Answers and Cheats.

All answers for PuzzleScape Wordblock game you can find here PuzzleScape Wordblock Answers and Cheats.

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