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Logo Quiz 2018 – With Pixels Game: Answers and Cheats

What do you think you would be able to guess each one of these logos? Would you recognize which international entity corresponds? Logo Quiz 2018 – With Pixels challenges you to guess it by having to put the name of each picture you will see pixelated. This logotype game tests your cognitive skills, trains your memory and ensures you have a fun time.


-More than 300 logos from around the world to solve.
-The difficulty of the levels is increasing, as they are exceeded.
-To be able to unlock the next level, it is necessary to have resolved the previous level.
-Are you stuck on some level? No problem, for each test you get you will get a number of coins that can help you later to get clues or overcome levels directly.
-It has a statistical section in which you can see the levels that have been overcome, which logos have not been guessed, the total score, the clues that have been used so far, the wrong attempts, the total coin balance, etc. Discover a wide variety of useful tools that will help you solve logos and brands!
-Diafy your friends sharing the game.
-Compete with players from around the world. Show who is able to guess more logos!
-Available for both mobile devices and tablets of 7 and 10 inches.
-Compare your score with the rest of your friends and with everyone thanks to a comparative table of results.
-Quality of high image.
– The latest studies in health science have shown that this app is highly recommended for people at risk of cognitive impairment or early Alzheimer’s, since it works the Short Term Memory (MCP) which is one of the first to be affected with these diseases. The MCP retains a limited amount of information to subsequently fade or retain it in the Long Term Memory (MLP). It is important to train this cognitive ability since the information that is used right at the moment.
– It occupies little space.
– Suitable for all audiences.
– Train your cognitive abilities: working memory, perspective, sustained and divided attention, among others.
– It is fully recommended to improve the academic performance of children. Also, being so fun they will not realize they are exercising their brains. Have a fun time guessing brands from around the world!
– Logo Quiz is available in 2 languages: Spanish and English. No one can stay without playing this fun guessing game!
-Our game will be updated every 5-6 days with levels more difficult to overcome and global brands of all kinds that you can imagine.
Some of the logos that are in the levels will be easy to recognize, but others will be very complicated and, for this you will need clues: either help from your friends or with the use of coins.

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