How to teach child to swallow pill?

For teach a child to swallow pill you can use next recommendations:

  1. Start by explaining to the child the importance of taking medication and the role it plays in their health.
  2. Show the child the pill and let them handle it, allowing them to become familiar with it.
  3. Encourage the child to practice swallowing small objects such as small pieces of food or water before attempting to swallow the pill.
  4. Teach the child to take a sip of water and then immediately place the pill in the back of their tongue and swallow.
  5. Remind the child to tilt their head forward slightly as they swallow to ensure the pill goes down smoothly.
  6. Provide positive feedback and praise for their efforts.
  7. As the child becomes more comfortable with swallowing pills, you can progress to larger pills or multiple pills at a time.
  8. Remember to supervise the child when they are taking their medication and to give them the medication with adult supervision.
  9. In some cases, if the child still find it difficult to swallow pills, consider other options such as chewable pills, liquids or dissolvable tablets.
  10. Consult with the child’s doctor or pharmacist if you have any concerns or questions about administering medication to the child.

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