How to teach child critical thinking?

For teach a child critical thinking you can use next recommendations:

  1. Encourage questions: Encourage your child to ask questions and to be curious about the world around them.
  2. Teach them how to gather information: Teach your child how to gather information from different sources, such as books, the internet, and people, and how to evaluate the credibility and relevance of each source.
  3. Practice problem-solving: Give your child opportunities to practice problem-solving, such as through puzzles, riddles, and brainteasers.
  4. Teach them to think independently: Encourage your child to think for themselves and to come to their own conclusions.
  5. Teach them to analyze: Teach your child how to analyze information, ideas and arguments.
  6. Teach them to evaluate: Teach your child how to evaluate information, ideas and arguments, including how to identify bias and fallacies.
  7. Give them real-life examples: Use real-life examples and encourage your child to apply critical thinking skills to everyday situations.
  8. Practice decision making: Encourage your child to practice decision making, and to consider the consequences of their choices.
  9. Provide feedback: Give your child constructive feedback on their critical thinking skills, and help them identify areas for improvement.

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