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Daily Themed Crossword February 8 2019 Answers

We prepared answers for Daily Themed Crossword February 8 2019 (ALL IN ONE PAGE). Daily Themed Crossword – A Fun crossword game is an intellectual word game with daily crossword questions. We prepared all answers and photo of solved crossword for February 8 2019. Scroll down and find them below. Enjoy!

1a. A dress line. or a sewn edge – HEM
4a. __ Tessio, character in the film “The Godfather” portrayed by Abe Vigoda – SAL
7a. “Alpha, __, Gamma” – BETA
11a. A massive primate – APE
12a. “That’s a great __!” (solution) – IDEA
14a. __ Clapton, legendary guitarist known for his hit song “Layla” – ERIC
15a. Not brightly lit – DIM
16a. Section covering a house – ROOF
17a. No longer around, departed – GONE
18a. Nicolaus __, a brilliant scientist who formulated a model of the universe that placed the Sun at the center rather than the Earth – COPERNICUS
21a. Holiday __, a popular chain of hotels – INN
22a. Billion-year span – EON
23a. The __ of Capri – ISLE
26a. Everything – ALL
27a. A poetic tribute – ODE
30a. One of the greatest scientists of all time who was responsible for the science of evolution and natural selection – CHARLESDARWIN
34a. “Yes”, informally – YEP
35a. “__ a Wonderful Life” – ITS
36a. Reverse, or “Go back” computer command – UNDO
37a. Joan of __ – ARC
38a. Unhappy – SAD
40a. Alexander __, a genius inventor who is credited with patenting the first practical telephone – GRAHAMBELL
44a. An untidy type – SLOB
46a. The twin of Jacob, in the Bible – ESAU
47a. Congressional approval vote – YEA
49a. The currency in France, Spain and Italy – EURO
50a. Knighted gentlemen, like Patrick Steward and Paul McCartney – SIRS
51a. Uncooked, like sushi – RAW
52a. “…happily __ after” – EVER
53a. Consumed something – ATE
54a. Squeeze out – EKE

1d. Once possessed – HAD
2d. Bigger than big – EPIC
3d. Message to employees – MEMO
4d. Police car warning – SIREN
5d. Accessorize, perhaps – ADORN
6d. Kings of __, band known for their hit song “Use Somebody” – LEON
7d. “We’ve only just __!” (commenced) – BEGUN
8d. Cupid’s counterpart who is the son of Aphrodite – EROS
9d. Sardine can material – TIN
10d. An unreturned serve, as in tennis – ACE
13d. “We passed by __ of sunflowers on the way” (area of open land) – AFIELD
19d. Harbor strolling spot – PIER
20d. Coca __ – COLA
23d. Cold and slippery, like winter roads – ICY
24d. The opposite of “he” – SHE
25d. Santa visitor’s seat – LAP
26d. Another word for “donkey” – ASS
27d. Legally possess – OWN
28d. “I see what you __ there!” – DID
29d. Music producer Brian __, who co-produced U2’s “The Joshua Tree” – ENO
31d. Currency in Turkey – LIRA
32d. Marks something, as on a tree or a sketch – ETCHES
33d. Impolite – RUDE
37d. Ann __, Michigan – ARBOR
38d. Intelligent – SMART
39d. Mistreat, or verbally offend – ABUSE
40d. Al __, Bush’s opponent in 2000 – GORE
41d. Continent containing Tibet – ASIA
42d. Ancient Greek instrument used by bards – LYRE
43d. Ceiling stain’s cause – LEAK
44d. “Now You __ Me”, a 2013 American heist thriller film starring an ensemble cast – SEE
45d. Candy heart word – LUV
48d. “I am in __ of you” (I’m amazed) – AWE

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