Best way to save battery on iPhone

Here are some ways to save battery on an iPhone:

  • Lower the brightness of the screen
  • Turn on Low Power Mode
  • Turn off Background App Refresh
  • Turn off Push Email
  • Use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data when possible

Best way to save battery on Apple Watch

  • Keep your apps updated
  • Use a simple wallpaper or turn off dynamic wallpapers
  • Turn off Location Services or limit the apps that can access your location
  • Turn off push notifications for apps you don’t use often
  • Turn off AirDrop when not in use

How to save battery during night

  • Keep your iPhone updated with the latest software
  • Use Airplane mode when you don’t need internet connectivity
  • Keep your phone cool by avoiding direct sunlight and high temperatures
  • Use a case that has good thermal insulation or a built-in battery.

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