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Create beautiful and compelling reports out of your web analytics data

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Web Analytics storified for everyone

qunb instantly dejargonizes your Google Analytics data and turns it into compelling visual stories

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We killed the pain of generating web analytics reports

Create beautiful and interactive reports in a click

A gallery of laser-cut reports

Web analytics is just a mean, not a goal. And we've deployed a range of specific data stories to deal with your very target.
Whether your goal is to update your clients, assess your adwords performance, or see how your community management efforts impact your web traffic, we have the right story for you.

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Wanna tell your investor how your traffic is doing without sharing your GA account? Wanna create and share beautiful and compelling reports with your clients? qunb is the simplest way to share meaningful information in 1 click.

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Forget about checking your GA dashboard every now and then. Once a week qunb sends you a weekly digest via email to update you on what's important.

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Reports you'll love... and download

Sometimes a good ol' pdf is what you need. Download any report you've created and share it with your mates as if you made it by yourself.